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A very good friend David released his fortieth birthday at home, a big house with six rooms on three floors. My wife and I wanted to know, along with more than sixty people who we are. Now Dave is a good friend of mine out of the game, the two meet regularly with him and our children, because it is divorced. Dave has poppped in our imagination a few times fucking with each other and for a few years ago in a football game had gotten very drunk, flirted with Dave and anxiety of knowing sat on his lap, he had a large hard disk ability to. And wouldn 2lipstube ` t it a very attractive woman, slender, blonde with blue eyes. It was difficult to know how to fuck all night, I had no underwear and dressed only in a fine between her and her hands roaming. When she said it was time to leave, because the nurse to wait, I suggested we all go back to ours for a threesome. We took our coats and walked through the masses of people, but when my wife and I were not followed to Daveoften, because I thought I was having fun. Ah, well, the loss, they said, 2lipstube we went home and fucked like rabbits. I had a word with him later and 2lipstube that was destroyed, so we went back one night after 2lipstube the pub, only to see his reaction, chatted amiably, but I knew that there was no way I would. I got a video of Dave, we had done together ( whore dressed to kill and then the exhaustion bare pussy and some big fish ), was sworn not seem to show that there is no vaccine against them. when we went to bed I told him I gave him the video and told me I knew I could feel her pussy and wet, had told me 2lipstube a fucking hot bitch who wanted to suck and fuck them. Things and nothing was muted because she has cold feet and did not want to ruin our friendship has been mentioned, which played a breakout game of the ages and have no excuse not 2lipstube to a party or a pub when Dave had to do there . When we met the kids could see their eyes all over ass and tits, every time you have the opertunity very occasionly could not resist showing her underwear, just for me, would say later. The party knew that wuld threat flirt and drink more than likely, beginning with Dave I know I had a green light, she was always fresh in your bed. When I asked what they owe him for his birthday he said without hesitation, they should be. She laughed and said nothing, as it is not, espcially to happen with a house full of people, but I knew it was 2lipstube hot as shit. on the night of the party, we are children, mothers gave during the night. took his anger at the age I was always ready to encourage the bit to get a drink and when I tried to wait, but fuck, falling down the stairs that looked impressive. A short black dress (which I had not seen before), I could only see her black thong at the bottom of the stairs. Down she came and went until my cock was fucking her dress and looked like WONDERerful but what I think I still couldn ` t, why he took so long. We met some other couples in the bar before they went to the party and all eyes moved to my wife, and to talk and laugh. We were all very drunk when he arrived at the party and met with Dave at the door when he closed his eyes 2lipstube as we wanted a happy birthday, gave him a kiss on the cheek 2lipstube and 2lipstube I was talking to her like me and was chatting with another partner. She came to me later and told me that Dave loved the dress and asked if he is, from the video, he had answered. He hit me gob and had not noticed at all. I said it was a joke damn horny bitch and I wanted to take, for example, laughed and said maybe later, and she was talking to other friends. , I found a couple of guys chatting in a corner of the room, I had a good view of the kitchen and 2lipstube stairs. He was still talking to other friends, when Dave came ovhe told me, and how hot she looked and laughed at him, had seen the dress. We laughed, and did not have, because I still said my video, he said, which was almost immediately taken with the amount of masturbation that took them away. He then went on to not regret later that night. I said he could for the afternoon, when I was lucky, I'm trying to say is luck and see. was like a shot, they laughed and talked for years, saw a couple of times and gave him the nod. I did not know what they were talking about, but I could not see his hand on his back as he spoke in his 2lipstube ear, because the music at full volume. all others were oblivous what was going on and it was pretty crazy and happy. One of my friends wives came and asked me to dance, which was large and was a Bafoon on the dance floor completely forget my wife and Dave for a while. When I finished I looked around and could not see, I'm talking in the kitchen when I left, then g, Burn anything. I pushed through and became one of the few people in the first floor restrooms met I slowly opened the bedroom door, but no doors. The stairs to the third floor had to say a kiddy gate and a reference to ' dream children', I thought that your children are ex-wives the way until I went slowly and quitley. There were two other bedrooms on 2lipstube this floor, I checked again this floor was empty, but the children sleep with the music. Finally there was the systematic bedroom until my heart was pounding 2lipstube as I slowly climbed the stairs, the music was still top of the stairs, but could easily here Actic moaning noises from the bedroom. I slowly opened the door, so that he could only see inside, and there they were, she was kneeling in front of him sucking cock while her tits are caught. The moan that came from our vidoe games on television. Whatching the video was my wife fucked me while sucking cock. It was not long before her dress pushed up to the chestshow her boobs, which began on his cock as he rubs masturbated. My penis was in my hand and slowly masturbates while whatcha I heard 2lipstube him say, you will love this when he sees it. That's when I saw Cam Corder, just behind them, but always a very good chance of sucking cock. The bastard had planned. stood up and peeled her dress, took off his clothes, and then fell on the bed. Now the video camera was not always the best view and I did not think it was crap and went straight ahead, then jump laughing so surprised that I was. She told David that I thought I 2lipstube closed the door. I told you motherfuckers slip away, we laughed and I told him also what she did, she smiled at me and Dave went out, she came over and knelt in fornt of me said, sorry then started sucking dick. David then placed the video behind her and took her panties, she said, what 2lipstube a beuatiful pussy shaved them, when he had an attack and that hedid not recognize him from the cut in the video ( which is what always made ready), then began to finger her pussy. She pushed her ass back in my hand, I 2lipstube was quiet while working her pussy four fingers to play it. He buried his head in the ass, told me later that 's new, what you did when you finger ASRS licked at the same time. She was sucking cock like crazy and I told Dave to fuck her, no doubt, got up and hit the upper right triangular. I came to the view of this, and swallowed every drop, Dave was pumping like crazy and came shortly after, pulled his cock out of your wine in the ass and pussy. He turned around and took Dave 's cock in her mouth and sucked it clean, and he played his ass. A then dressed and returned to the reservation of one party, the night was still young, and would end when everyone had gone.
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